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Wind Energy Resources

South Dakota Wind Data & Information
South Dakota's Wind Resource Assessment Network, a series of instrument stations across South Dakota, is a tool for analyzing wind. The WRAN collects data about wind speed and variability at sites near Belle Fourche, Faith, Martin, Murdo, Gettysburg, Fort Thompson, Medicine Butte, Leola, Crow Lake, Crandall and Summit. Researchers from South Dakota State University analyze the information to predict maximum capacity factors for potential wind turbines. This information is especially valuable to researchers, residents and developers interested in selecting sites for wind energy facilities.

Model Wind Energy Systems Siting Ordinance
The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission formed the Tower Working Group in 2007 to develop model ordinances for zoning wind energy and wireless telecommunications facilities for local governments to use as helpful tools. The group includes representatives of both industries as well as stakeholders from local, state and national organizations and agencies.

Kid Stuff
Get educated – about wind energy! Learn the parts of a wind turbine, see how one is built and find out how the machines work. This "Wind with Miller" site was created for 12-14 year olds, but adults will enjoy its interactive elements, too!

Studies and Reports

Wind Energy Organizations
American Wind Energy Association
Interstate Renewable Energy Council
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Wind Research
National Wind Coordinating Collaborative
South Dakota Energy Infrastructure Authority
South Dakota Wind Energy Association
Wind on the Wires
Wind Powering America, U.S. Department of Energy

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