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Chris Nelson, Chairman
Kristie Fiegen, Vice Chairman
Gary Hanson, Commissioner
Executive Director  
Patricia Van Gerpen  
Deputy Executive Director
Leah Mohr
Finance Manager
Cindy Kemnitz
Commission Attorneys
Karen Cremer, Commission Attorney
Rolayne Ailts Wiest, Commission Attorney
Commission Advisor  
Greg Rislov  
Legal Services  
Adam de Hueck, Staff Attorney
Kristen Edwards, Staff Attorney

Consumer Protection

Deb Gregg, Consumer Affairs Manager
Vicky Burns, Consumer Representative
Jason Schuchard, Consumer Representative

Utility Analysts 

Darren Kearney, Analyst
Brittany Mehlhaff, Analyst
Eric Paulson, Analyst
Lorena Reichert, Analyst
Joseph Rezac, Analyst
Patrick Steffensen, Analyst

Pipeline Safety

Mary Zanter, Pipeline Safety Program Manager and Utility Analyst
Boice Hillmer, Pipeline Safety Inspector

Support Services  

Joy Lashley, Administrative Assistant
Katlyn Gustafson, Administrative Assistant
Tina Douglas, Web Specialist


Leah Mohr, Deputy Executive Director (media inquiries)
Brittany Olson, Communications Specialist

Warehouse Division  
Jim Mehlhaff, Director
Judy Page, Warehouse Administrator
Justin Blais, Warehouse Inspector
Paul Kenefick-Aschoff, Warehouse Inspector